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Current Resources

A service each week for use of those who cannot get to church
Now includes a video of the complete service and resources for children
Video Songs
We have now put all our music full videos (nearly 200 in total) in one place to use in worship instead of singing

Year A (Quarter 3)

Tea Time Church
August (Year 1) - The lost sheep

Ordinary 20
August 16th - God's love is for all & Lydia is HOT

Ordinary 21
August 23rd - Who do you say that I am? & Jesus rejected

Ordinary 22
August 30th - Let God be in charge & Actions speak louder than words

Year A (Quarter 4)

Tea Time Church
September (Year 2) - The unforgiving servant

Ordinary 23
September 6th - The strength of two and three & No-one excluded

Ordinary 24
September 13th - Forgiveness is good for you & Who do you say I am

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