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There are over 2,000 songs in
The Digital Hymnbook

We now sell a growing number of our products as downloads. No paying postage. No waiting for a parcel. You can get the Username and Password and start downloading immediately (but please follow the instructions in red).

Please note that these are separate products and are not included in the IDEAS package

You buy permanent access to each product, so you do not need to download all the contents in one go, but can download them as you need them. We record which products you have bought so if you forget the username and password we can remind you of them.

There are samples of each product so you can see what you are buying before you commit yourself.

 Song from the Digital Hymnbook Online
The Digital Hymbook Online

Nearly 2,000 beautifully produced PowerPoint files of hymns and songs for use on worship. There are versions of each hymn to match a range of popular hymnbooks, such as Hymns & Psalms, SInging the Faith, Songs of Fellowship and Mission Praise. Also a large choice of children's songs.
Refection Video
Video song Library

All of our "full videos" (nearly 200) to use in worship., Ideal for use in the current climate when congregations cannot sing.

At the Breaking of the Bread 
At the Breaking of the Bread Online

At the Breaking of the Bread contains the text of 8 Methodist Communion Services and also the Covenant Service in PowerPoint format. Each service has amazing background and foreground images from Turvey Abbey.Every liturgical element is available and can be quickly and easily loaded into presentations as required.
 Worship Leaders course
Leading Contemporary Worship Online

This is our successful Worship Leaders course over 8 teaching sessions.

All the PowerPoint files, handouts and the Leaders' handbook and resources all instantly available as a Download.
 All Included Online
All Included Online

16 All Age communion services. One for each month of the year plus Covenant, Easter, Pentecost and Christmas along with a Baptism / Dedication service.

Now includes a Maunday Thursday Communion linked to a Lent Liturgy

Each service comes as a set of PowerPoint files and also 3 different booklets in PDF format. One for adults, another for children with puzzles and a third in large print. Everyone really is included.
 The Lost Sheep
Puppets 'n' Parables

10 videos between 5 and 8 minutes long covering well known parables of Jesus and told using puppets. Each parable is told twice, once in a contemporary setting and also in the biblical setting. Great for use in  worship, messy church or children's groups.
 Superhero Children's Songs

12 of our favourite children's songs as animated videos with words and music.

 Children's Songs 2
Children's Songs 2

Another 12 of our favourite children's songs as animated videos with words and music.

 If I zoomed across the Universe Children's Songs 3

A further 12 of favourite children's songs as animated videos with words and music and PowerPoint files.

 Luke 2:1-14 A Christmas Cornucopia

A selection of Christmas resourses including Lectionary Videos, Video songs with words and music, reflection videos and lively children's songs


Current Resources

A service each week for use of those who cannot get to church
Now includes a video of the complete service and resources for children
Video Songs
We have now put all our music full videos (nearly 200 in total) in one place to use in worship instead of singing

Year A (Quarter 3)

Tea Time Church
August (Year 1) - The lost sheep

Ordinary 20
August 16th - God's love is for all & Lydia is HOT

Ordinary 21
August 23rd - Who do you say that I am? & Jesus rejected

Ordinary 22
August 30th - Let God be in charge & Actions speak louder than words

Year A (Quarter 4)

Tea Time Church
September (Year 2) - The unforgiving servant

Ordinary 23
September 6th - The strength of two and three & No-one excluded

Ordinary 24
September 13th - Forgiveness is good for you & Who do you say I am

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