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Use this form if you wish to be a contributor for IDEAS.

The trust proposes that the system will work like this:

The trust will reserve 12.5% of the subscriptions  for IDEAS and place it into a pool to reward our contributors. Over the year we will record how many times we use each contributor's materal and then pay royalties dividing the pool in proportion to the use of each contributor's material.

We will make the calculations in July each year and then distribute in September.

We will always credit the contributors of material and, where appropriate, provide links to where further resources may be purchased.

Please note that we will combine material, for example, building a video around a music track, or a PowerPoint sequence around a children's song. We cannot guarantee to use all the material we are offered.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to IDEAS please complete the form below:

Title :

Name :

Address :

Postcode :

Email :

Nature of Material offered:

I wish to offer material for IDEAS on the basis of the above.

Current Resources

Year C (Quarter 1)

Tea Time Church
March (Year 3) - The Resurrection

Year C (Quarter 2)

Lent 3
March 24th - The patient gardener & Jesus the Lamb of God

Mothering Sunday
March 31st - The loving parent & Jesus' amazing response

Tea Time Church
April (Year 3) - The road to Emmaus

Passion Sunday
April 7th - Worship and Service & Preparing for Passover

Palm Sunday
April 14th - The battle commences & God the Gardener

Maundy Thursday
April 18th - What's on the table

Good Friday
April 19th - A Good Friday Labyrinth

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