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These are the resources on offer for September 19th - Ordinary 25

The related readings for this Sunday are:

            Amos 8.4-7
            Psalm 113
            1 Timothy 2.1-7
            Luke 16.1-13

We have chosen the theme: God cares for the poor

This Sunday is also designated as Peacemaking Sunday

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Arrow Introduction

Arrow Worship

Circle spin round
A video to lead into worship based on Mike Rayson performing his song "Circle spin round"

Download - Sample

Used with permission. Please note that all IDEAS material is copyright. Please do not pass it on outside the IDEAS scheme.


A call to worship
 A call to worship

A prayer of approach
A prayer of approach
The background images for these slides are by David Hollingsworth.

The prayers in this section are also in a PDF file - Download
A prayer of confession
A prayer of confession

Songs: The following songs could be used in this part of the service:
Abba Father, TDH 4, SOF 1, MP 3, TS 1, CHSA 176, CAP 96
A refuge for the poor, SOF 1172
You've placed a song within my heart, SOF 1689
We praise God in the morning, TDH 4, Kids Source
Give thanks with a grateful heart, TDH 4, SOF 124, MP 170, TS 118, CHSA 204
O Lord, the clouds are gathering, TDH 4, SOF 429, MP 509, TS 399
There's no one like the Lord
There's no one like the Lord by John Hardwick,

Available and as a sing along video - Download - Sample

Used with John Hardwick's consent. Please do not copy outside of IDEAS and ensure that you declare this item's use on your CCLI return. 
All Praise to Thee, for Thou, O King divine
Available as PowerPoint files:

All Praise to Thee, for Thou, O King divine, HP 253, HAM 337, CP 372RAS 750

Used by permission of Church Publishing Incorporated, New York, NY. All rights reserved. Please report usage on your CCLI return.

Arrow Word

Psalm 113
Psalm 113 is available on Lectionary Video C5 - Sample

Amos 8.4-7
Amos 8.4-7

Psalm 113
Psalm 113
This week's readings are from the NIV. All the backgrounds are of New York and with the exception of "Ellis Island" are of the Financial District.

Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 Biblica. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

1 Timothy 2.1-7
1 Timothy 2.1-7

Luke 16.1-13
Luke 16.1-13

The story of Maria whose dad grows Coffee beans - Download

The Talk
Some notes for a sermon along with a host of statistics around the subject wealth - Download

There is also a set of PowerPoint slides to help put over the statistics in the form of some questions - Download

Songs: The following hymns could be used in this part of the service:
The right hand of God is writing in our land, HP 408, RAS 91
The voice of God goes out to all the world, HP 140, RAS 131
The trumpets sound, the angels sing, SOF 550, MP 667, TS 506 (Available as a PowerPoint  file and a video with backing track in IDEAS for August 29th)

The Church of Christ, in every age
Available as PowerPoint files:

The Church of Christ, in every age, HP 804, RAS 636

Used with permission of Stainer and Bell, 23 Gruneisen Road, London N3 1DZ.  Tel: 020 8343 3303, Fax: 020 8343 3024

To reproduce for local church use, the user must hold a current Church Copyright Licence and include the text on their return to Christian Copyright Licensing (Europe) Ltd. Alternatively, the user needs, prior to use, to send £10.00 + VAT to Stainer & Bell Ltd, PO Box 110, Victoria House, 23 Gruneisen Road, London N3 1DZ.

Arrow Response


A prayer for others
A prayer for others
An offering
An offering

The prayers in this section are also in a PDF file, Download

All the backgrounds for these slides are by David Hollingsworth.
A blessing
A blessing

The following songs could be used in this part of the service:
Beauty for brokenness, TDH 4, SOF 664, MP 806, TS 37
All earth was dark, MP 8
We pray for peace, TDH 4, TS 1589, HP 413, RAS 641, CP 613
I will speak out for those who have no voices, SOF 280
I, the Lord of sea and sky, SOF 830, MP 857, TS 246, CP 470, CHSA 59.

Arrow Notes

To access these materials you do need to subscribe to IDEAS.

Hymnbooks covered:

SOF – Songs of Fellowship
MP – Mission Praise
TS, The Source
HP, Hymns and Psalms
HAM, Hymns Ancient and Modern
RAS, Rejoice and Sing
CP, Common Praise
JP, Junior Praise
CHSA, Complete Hymns and Songs for Assembly
CAP, Come and Praise
BECD, Bible Explosion CD
KS2, Kidsource 2
AYOC – A Year of Celebration.
JUP – Jump if you’re wearing red songbook
CFW – Church Family Worship
KSC – Kids Source
PIA, Pass it on

Although we provide links to other web sites we do not condone the unauthorised use of Copyright material.


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