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We have found that our users have a range of different needs for IDEAS and so we now offer a number of subscription packages.

Arrow Pay as you go

Each week's resources are available for just 3

We offer resources linked to the lectionary for every week of the year. Each week's resources are a complete package and so are useful when bought separately. Pay as you go is very suitable for those who lead worship occasionally and do not what to commit to a regular subscription.

Pay using the PayPal button at the bottom of each week's resources.

Arrow Quarterly subscription package

A quarter's resources are available for 18

This includes all the resources for a quarter including the Tea Time Church resources. This is ideal for regular users who do not wish to commit themselves  to an Annual Subscription. The year is divided into 4 set quarters and you will be sent a sinle password for the whole quarter, which will allow you immediate access to all the resources for that quarter.

These are the 4 quarters:

Starting Sunday
Final  Sunday
Advent Sunday
Ordinary 8
The Sunday before Lent
Trinity Sunday
Ordinary 8
Ordinary 22
Ordinary 23
Sunday before Advent

Arrow Annual subscription package

A year's resources are available for 60

This is the best option for individual users and includes all the resources for a whole liturgical year including the Tea Time Church resources. This is ideal for regular users who make regular use of our resources. You will be sent a password that allows you to immediately access all the resources for a liturgical year.

In addition we are happy for folk to subscribe to this with a 5 a month standing order. This allows you to spread the cost of the annual fee. To subscribe this way download the Standing Order Form, complete it, let us have your email address and send it to us.

Arrow Group subscription package

Huge discounts for Churches, Circuits and Benefices.

This is the best value of all. A church, circuit or benefice can sign up a group of people and save. The initial cost is 90 which covers the first 3 subscribers and then just 10 for each additional name on the list. We even create a page where your leaders of worship can sign up for a 10 fee.

Use this link to sign up as a group

Arrow Tea-time Church package

An annual subscription to Tea-time church for 30

It might be that you are only interested in using the resources for Tea-time Church - our development of Messy Church. In  this case you need only sign up for these 12 sets of resources.

Use this link to sign up the Tea-time church package

Arrow Our Online Products

The ability to download and use just one part of what we offer

It might be that you are only interested in using a specific type of our resources and so we offer a number of resources separately. For instance if you are only interested in the PowerPoint words of hymns then The Digital Hymnbook offers nearly 2,000 hymns containing the vast majority of hymns from Singing the Faith and Hymns & Psalms.. We also offer selections of our lovely reflection videos and lively children's songs in this way.

Use this link to take a look at our Online Products

Current Resources

Year B (Quarter 4)

Do not worry, God will provide

Tea Time Church
October (Year 3) - The Last Supper

Ordinary 27
October 3rd - A little lower than angels & Travelling with Jesus

Ordinary 28
October 10th - Beware of wealth & Jesus says 'Come to me.'

Ordinary 29
October 17th - The real X Factor & The Secret Lord of the Sabbath

Ordinary 30
October 24th - Jesus bothers about people & Approaching God

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