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Lectionary Video B6

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This is the download page for Lectionatry Video B6
Covers the period in Year B from Ordinary 28 to the Sunday before Advent

The video files are in MPEG1 format and can be downloaded if you have purchased  a Username and Password.
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 Mark 10:17-31
Ordinary 28 - Mark 10:17-31Download Sample
 Isaiah 53:4-12
Ordinary 29 - Isaiah 53:4-12Download Sample
 Mark 10:46-52
Ordinary 30 - Mark 10:46-52Download Sample
 John 11:32-44
All Saints - John 11:32-44 Download Sample
 Mark 12:28-34
Ordinary 31 - Mark 12:28-34Download Sample
 Matthew 5:1-12
Remembrance - Matthew 5:1-12Download Sample
 Hebrews 9:24-28
Ordinary 32 - Hebrews 9:24-28  Download Sample
 Psalm 16
Ordinary 33 - Psalm 16Download Sample
 Daniel 7:9-10,13-14
Before Advent - Daniel 7:9-10,13-14 Download Sample
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Year A (Quarter 4)

Tea Time Church
November (Year 2) -The workers in the vineyard

Year B (Quarter 1)

Advent Sunday
November 29th - Only God knows & Bias to the poor

Tea Time Church
December (Year 2) -The wise men & gifts

Advent 2
December 6th - Prepare the way & John's Question

Advent 3
December 13th - Being a good witness & Cleaning up the mess

Tea Time Church
Christmas Service - Decorating the Tree

Christmas Carol Service
God's time, our time

Advent 4
December 20th - The nativity story & Mary's Song

Christmas Day
December 25th - Pass the parcel

Tea Time Church
January (Year 2) - The Rich Farmer

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