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IDEAS, a worship resource, has been developed online by Mike and Ann Bossingham over the last 6 years. In that time it has had over 700 subscribers paying to download a range of useful resources.

However the authors have become aware that not all ministers, preachers and worship leaders are comfortable using the internet. There are also undoubted advantages in being able to 'flip through' material on paper. For these reasons, the written material is now available in book form.

There is more material than can be contained in a single volume so the decision has been made to provide 4 volumes for each liturgical year as follows:

IDEAS (Year A): "Reflections, Addresses and Hymn Choices 
IDEAS (Year A): Reflections, Addresses and Hymn Choices covers the introductory reflections written by a number of theologians, notes for an adult sermon and hymn and song suggestions drawn from a wide range of hymnbooks. (279pp)

10 + 2.50 postage and package.

 IDEAS (Year A): Children's and All Age addresses
 IDEAS (Year A): Children's and All Age addresses covers material for when children are present. The children's addresses are often stories that can be told at the appropriate time in a service. This volume also offers suggestions for children's songs drawn from a range of hymnbooks and CDs. (254pp)

10 + 2.50 postage and package.

 IDEAS (Year A): Prayers
IDEAS (Year A): Prayers offers 7 prayers for each week of the lectionary, written by Ann Bossingham. They cover calls to worship, prayers of approach and praise, confession, intercession, offering and final blessing. (253pp)

10 + 2.50 postage and package.

 IDEAS (Year A): Sketches
IDEAS (Year A): Sketches covers a sketch for each week of the lectionary, written by Ann Bossingham. Purchasing the volume (or downloading the PDFs) gives you consent to perform the sketches during an act of worship or as part of an evening of Christian drama.(197pp)

10 + 2.50 postage and package.

All 4 Year A volumes 
All 4 Year A volumes

Buy all of these volumes for 30 we will pay the postage. (983pp)


Current Resources

Year B (Quarter 4)

Do not worry, God will provide

Tea Time Church
October (Year 3) - The Last Supper

Ordinary 29
October 21st - The real X Factor & The Secret Lord of the Sabbath

Ordinary 30
October 28th - Jesus bothers about people & Approaching God

Tea Time Church
November (Year 3) - The Garden of Gethsemane

All Saints
November 1st - All of us are saints

Ordinary 31
November 4th - Just do it & Upside down

Remembrance Sunday
November 11th - The war diary of Private John Smith

Ordinary 32
November 11th - Everyone is known and loved by God & Put yourself in the picture

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