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This is the download page for All Included

The  files are stored in Zip files that can be downloaded as folders  and then copied to where you need them, but you do need to have purchased  a Username and Password.

Please note that this is a separate product and is not included in the IDEAS package

All Inclused contains 16 All Age Communion Services in PowerPoint format and booklet form. There is
one communion for each calendar month and then one for each of Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Covenant. In addition there is an all age Baptism and Dedication service.

Each lturgy is offered as PowerPoint files and then 3 different PDF booklets (
standard size, large print and children's booklets) to print out. They all feature the artistic talent of David Hollingsworth and are compatible with PowerPoint, Impress and hymn projection software.

 January All Included
All Included for January -  Download
 All Included for a Covenant service
All Included for a Covenant service -  Download
 All Included for February All Included for February -  Download
 All Included for March
All Included for March -  Download
 All Included for Maundy Thursday
All Included for Maundy Thursday -  Download

This is supported by a Lent Liturgy in Year C
 All Included for Easter
All Included for Easter -  Download
All Included for April 
All Included for April -  Download
 All Included for May
All Included for May -  Download
 All Included for Pentecost
All Included for Pentecost -  Download
 All Included for June
All Included for June -  Download
 All Included for July All Included for July -  Download
 All Included for August
All Included for August -  Download
 All Included for September
All Included for September -  Download
 All Included for October
All Included for October -  Download
 All Included for November
All Included for November -  Download
 All Included for December
All Included for December -  Download
 All Included for Christmas
All Included for Christmas -  Download
 All Included for Younger Children
All Included for Younger Children -  Download
 All Included for Baptism / Dedicatio
All Included for Baptism / Dedication -  Download
 You can buy permanent access to All Included for just 19.99 by clicking the PayPal symbol to the right.

On the final confirmation page from PayPal, make sure that you click on "Return to the Family Friendly Church web site" to get a Username and Password which will give you access to the Video files. We will also send you them in a confirmation email.

If you have problems downloading any of our material please read the IDEAS User Guide.
or use our Help, Issues and FAQs page. If you are still stuck then please Report an Issue on our form

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Ordinary 18 - Widescreen
August 4th - Food that lasts & Wealth or faith

Ordinary 19 - Widescreen
August 11th - Are you an angel? & When it all goes wrong

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